meredith brockington

photographer & art director


I am an artist, connector, and creator.

I wear many hats as an Art Director and Photographer. After working for years as a Photo Art Director for iconic American heritage brand L.L.Bean, I have launched a brand called Amie, an online shop of curated designs by women artists as known for it's tagline "Female, not factory." Amie pronounced ah-mee is French for female friend. Our ethos is support women artists, use sustainable materials, and donate to social causes. Amie is the essence of my spirit and stands for a rooted belief in supporting makers, not machines.

I collaborate with local businesses to concept seasonal campaigns and shoot for brands including Evangeline Linens, Urban Dwelling, Machete, Amie, and Campfire Studio. I consider these projects to be collaborations, working alongside established companies that are eager to push the envelope, create evocative content, and try something fresh. I thrive working outside the box.

I like working with collaborative, nice people. If you like coffee, let's grab one.

Keep shining your light--