photographer & art director


photo @erinlittle

photo @erinlittle


Meredith Brockington is the Founder of Amie, an online-based shop of female, not factory-made products. Amie currently carries 15+ women artists from across the U.S. empowering and investing in creative women.


Photographer & Art Director

Meredith is an  received her B.F.A. in Advertising Photography at Rochester Institute of Technology. Her career began as an Art Director for L.L.Bean. After 4 years she launched Amie and is collaborating to create omni channel content for start ups, brands, and businesses. Meredith continually challenges creative vision and herself as an artist.

Selected Clients

Machete, evangeline, Urban Dwelling, Loveleaf Co, Salt of Maine, Campfire Studio, Mulxiply, Amie.

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